• ​​​Award winning choreographers for competitions, recitals or special events. You can even hold your Remix and choreography needs at the same time!
Welcome to Adrenaline Remix
We are proud to announce our new and improved Remix and Choreography Department. We will bring our electrifying convention, talented Faculty, and a multitude of dance styles directly to you. You will receive the entire convention experience and you don't even have to leave your studio! With over 45 Faculty members to choose from, we will create customized programs specifically for you. We truly understand the most effective way to offer unique dance curriculum is to work with top notch faculty who are hand picked for your students, and to offer a program designed for your studio’s needs and interests. 
We will work closely with you to make sure your Adrenaline Remix and Choreography session meet the needs and goals of you and your dancers. ​​To schedule your Adrenaline Remix/Choreography today, you can call (866) 695-4144 or email nick@adrenalinedance.com. Please let us know when you are available to speak on the phone, in order for us to get a better idea of what type of program would work best for you and your studio. We will also be able to give you a full package price that suits your needs. ​​

We look forward to dancing with you!
Nick Zborowski
Director of Adrenaline Remix & Choreography

 Adrenaline Dance REMIX offers 2 Program Options:
  • Single or multi-day events in the comfort of your studio
  • Master classes